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Ana Chinchilla

Ana Chinchilla en medio de plantas y palmeras en el parque de la ciutadella en barcelona. Profesora de twerk

Hi, I am AnChi. My name is Ana Chinchilla. I am Colombian. I have lived in Barcelona for 11 years. I love to learn, dance and travel.

My great passion is to generate social transformation.

Twerk & bootydance came into my life from the hand of Kim Jordan. After freeing myself from my own biases and blocks, I moved on very quickly. One day Kim suggested that I get certified as a teacher of this teaching style.


In the classes, I generate a space of trust, respect, security, and mutual recognition. Complexes disappear. Force, laughter, and fun come into play. I feel that they are magical moments, and week by week people evolve physically and emotionally. I observe how their way of looking in the mirror, their movements, their energy changes, their mood, and their self-esteem improve in many cases.


I was born and raised in Cali (Colombia), a city known as: "The branch of heaven." Cali is a city full of color, flavor, music, and above all, a lot of dance. I have danced all my life since I started walking. I dance in different styles ranging from Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Shock Salsa, Currulao, and Bambuco.


Because my father is from the Caribbean region of Colombia, I lived in Barranquilla and Sincelejo during adolescence, so I also dance Cumbia, Mapalé, Bullerengue, Porro, and Fandango, among many others.


Since I was a child, I have been very interested in learning about different cultures. For me, food, music, and dance are the maximum expression of any region of the world.

Festival de teatro de Cali, Colombia. Chanqueros, malabaristas, circo, teatro callejero, expresión juvenil. Foto tomada por Alejo Chinchilla
Ana Chinchilla con su familia y amigas. Virino, espectáculo de circo callejero en la Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia

Since I arrived in Barcelona, I have been part of PirArt, a group of amazing people who became my family and with whom I have learned a lot about community work and the assembly. For eight years we dedicated ourselves to generate social transformation through circus, theater, and street entertainment. And we assumed the project of the Colla de diables de la Verneda.


Three years ago, with four partners of PirArt, we toured Colombia with a street cabaret. In it, we talk about the female menstrual cycle called Virino (woman in Esperanto). This tour allowed us to meet places and super beautiful people who welcomed us with a lot of love. This has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

I am a Chemical Engineer from the National University of Colombia. I did a master's degree in Food Development and Innovation and started a doctorate in Food and Nutrition at the University of Barcelona. 7 years ago, I decided to change my approach, I did not want to continue contributing with my work to the exploitation of nature, so now I work with and for people.

Many people ask me if I regret having studied engineering, and I'm not. I think that engineering has given me skills and knowledge for my personal and professional life. I love chemistry. I see it in everything that surrounds us. You just need to know how to look. Even today, I work with projects dedicated to green and blue technologies to recover and conserve our natural environment, which humanity is destroying due to our selfishness and unconsciousness.

As Arturo Bigfoot, from the Taitas Tribe, said: "To be able to breathe, wake up, walk, smell, drink water, listen, look, see ... try not to leave a trace where you walk and, the ones that remain, make them beautiful; because you have to think with your heart and feel with your head ".

This is how I live my life!

Desmantelarte podcast ana chinchilla twerk.JPG
Asi bailan las putas cartel, Ana Chinchilla y Julia Bertrán. Festival Grec Barcelona
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