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What is TWERKyourLIFE?

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Promote female empowerment

  • Increase the rhythm and musicality

  • Increases body strength, flexibility, and control

  • Awakens the mind-body connection, especially the "taboo" areas

  • May increase sexual enjoyment

  • New neural pathways are created

  • Burn calories

  • Helps maintain and/or lose weight

  • Exercises legs and buttocks

  • Promote the culture, history, and roots of these dances styles

  • Facilitates spaces for relationship and mutual recognition

  • Provides emotional and physical health

  • Facilitates moments of laughter and good energy

At TWERKyourLIFE we want to help women feel complete and happy in their bodies, exalting their curves and movements through the voluptuousness of twerk & booty dance, unlocking the pelvic area to allow the feminine, creative and sexual energy that emanates from the first and the second chakra to flow. Thus making them feel full of life, fulfilled, full of energy, and connected with themselves.

Women have been repressing the purest expression of our feminine, creative and sexual energy for too long out of fear. We live in fear of being judged, mistreated, and attacked because we have grown up in a society that teaches us to feel guilty for the simple fact of being women and that some men do not know how to control their most violent impulses.

Through dance, we will become aware of our bodies. With the learning technique of Kim Jordan Creations from Twerk & BootyDance, we will move the pelvis, hips, buttocks, and legs to the beat of bounce music, releasing the energy concentrated in this area of ​​the body, to allow express our creativity, sensuality, and sexuality.

Booty Dance is an urban dance with origins in Africa, was incorporated into the United States through the Bounce movement of New Orleans. This dance concentrates on the thousand ways to move your hips and booty.

In online and face-to-face classes, we learn to control our bodies with different isolation techniques while improving coordination, musicality, and balance.


We prepare the body to train the twerk in its various postures, safely and correctly, with the rhythmic method of working three different speeds with each exercise.

In each session, we will talk about the body, the booty, taboos, labels, the menstrual cycle, violence, micromachisms, etc., in directed activities that will allow us to connect with our experiences and those of our companions.

Get ready to sweat! And remember that it is necessary to wear knee pads.



All courses and classes require prior registration. Reserve your place or write to us if you want to receive information:

During each class, we will travel together to different countries through music and booty movements. I also teach Salsa, Salsa Choque, and Cumbia, or as we call it in Colombia, Her Majesty La Cumbia. A musical rhythm and traditional dance from northern Colombia, which is the product of the musical and cultural fusion of indigenous people, black slaves, and, to a lesser extent, the Spanish (in dresses and words) due to colonization.


According to the oral tradition received from the indigenous people: Cumbia was born in the funeral ceremonies that the Chimilla Indians celebrated in the country of Pocabuy when one of their hierarchs died. They danced in a circular and a counterclockwise direction because it meant a journey without a return.

In Cumbia classes, we dance with long skirts, and it looks like the wings of a butterfly merge with the nature of our ancestors.

TWERKyourLIFE is to turn your life and the perception you have of your body and yourself through dance. I want to help women reappropriate their bodies, minds, and lives, feeling completely free to express themselves.

Let's move and dance without fear!


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What people say

Adriana Irurita

Twerk & Booty Dance have allowed me to reconnect with my body, accept it, taking care, and love it. Make me feel sexy and empowered, and not feel ashamed about it.

It has made me re-discover myself, as well as exercise muscles that I did not even know existed.

Dancing makes me happy and happy is what I most want to be in life!!

Elisabeth Canal

For me, twerk has been a fantastic and empowering discovery. Positively return to relate-me with my booty, with whom I had a great disconnection because I never fulfilled the cannons of beauty.


Anchi classes are an explosion of energy, good vibes, and also respect and listening. She generates a beautiful space of safety and learning.
To me, twerk has contributed to self-connection and strength!


Empowering twerk!

I signed up for twerking classes for doing a new activity, and I thought it was going to be just fun. But not, it has been much more.

Meeting the mirror, discovering that my booty (so far something I wanted to forget was there) responds to orders, such as moving each gluteus separately, ... All in a comfortable space, with a patient Anchi, guiding this process of self-knowledge.

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Colaboración con Espai Avinyò y BCN Acción Intercultural con el apoyo del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona para el ciclo Balls, musiques, resistencia y #BCNInterculturalitat 

Dialogamos con Benia Nsi para hacer un ejercicio de reconocimiento y memoria para situar el Twerk en su contexto original. Nos cuestionamos qué es realmente el Twerk cuando hablamos sobre el empoderamiento y la cosificación femenina. 

Benia Nsi es bailarina, cantante y creadora de Otunoeh, tienda vintage y plataforma dedicada a la visibilización de corporalidades racializadas. 

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