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Así Bailan Las Putas

Asi bailan las putas cartel - twerkyourl

Language: Catalan - Spanish

Author: Júlia Bertran, Ana Chinchilla, Jan Vilanova, Pau Roca

Direction: Pau Roca

Dramaturgy: Jan Vilanova

Theoretical-practical material of twerk & bootydance:   Kim jordan creations

Interpretation: Júlia Bertran, Ana Chinhilla

Movement: Alba Sáez

Sound space: Clara Aguilar

Lighting design: Guillem Gelabert
Scenography:   Paula Font, Paula González

Locker room:   Naomi Galí Ibáñez

Video design and production: Alejo Levis

Production: Clara Mata

Assistant director: Clara Mata

Poster photograph: Kiku Piñol

Poster graphic design: Edu Buch

Así Bailan Las Putas (This is how the whores dance) is a proposal by the cultural journalist Júlia Bertran, together with Sixto Paz Produccions company, which questions romantic love based on the study and practice of Twerking dance with Ana Chinchilla


In 2017 Júlia Bertran published M'estimes i em times, a book where, through drawings and interviews, she questioned many ideas that had marked her life until then: do we love as we feel it or how society told us we should? This book was born from a moment of change, of doubt.

Así Bailan Las Putas starts with accepting our vulnerability, contradictions, and uncertainties and the empowerment that this recognition fosters. And how better than moving the skeleton? Julia Bertran and her twerking teacher, Ana Chinchilla, create a singular twerking class in Así bailan las putas. An awareness of the patriarchal gaze with which we understand the world and a call to transform it.

Space, then, where we can feel safe expressing our doubts, delving into the roots of many of our behaviors to finally humbly free ourselves with a simple and surely clumsy movement of the ass.

A party!

Asi bailan las putas - twerkyourlife.jpg

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