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TWERKYOURLIFE is a philosophy and way of doing things. For us, twerk is a tool and a path in itself, but not an end.


For this reason, the TWERKYOURLIFE team has been built on synchronicity and walking together.


We take this opportunity to thank all those people who, although they are not on this page, are also an "unofficial" team because they support and accompany us on this path of transformation.

Ana Chinchilla, (Anchi)

Founder & SEO

24.01.28 Twerk Your Life - Leggins Largo ALTA per Marta Vilardell-4.jpg

Colombian. Migrated to Barcelona in 2010. Chemical engineer by profession. Restless soul and ass, street dancer. Since 2018, she has used twerk as a tool to connect with her body and people.

Melisa Suárez, (Kima) 

Associate Teacher


Colombian. Migrated to Barcelona in 2020. Accountant and mother head of the family. Passionate about life and wonderful street dancer. She has great charisma and love teaching dancing.

More About Ana Chinchilla

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