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Dark Goddesses

The Dark Goddesses represent aspects of the feminine that have been repressed for many centuries. They are related to the dark phase of the lunar cycle and to our most "hidden" part. Sensuality, sexuality, strength, rage, anger, magic and mystery, are characteristics that have been persecuted by the patriarchy, while exalting self-denial, submission, obedience, the good girl, the good wife , calm, calm, caring with archetypes such as the Virgin Mary, Penelope, Inana, Frigi, Shakti, in addition, curiosity and disobedience are punished as is the case of Eva.


They tried to eliminate the Dark Goddesses from history, through fear with the discourse that they awaken the lowest passions of men and rob them of their power. Despite the fact that in the traditions from which they originate, they are wise, independent and strong, they exist according to the death - life - death cycle and are intimately related to the cycles of nature.


In this cycle of classes that we have called Dark Goddesses, we talk about Lilith, Kali, Mehmet, Pele, Frejya, Persephone and Oduá. Seven goddesses belonging to seven different worldviews, from different contexts and who were eliminated from history or transformed to conform to the new imposed standard of femininity. I welcome you to this cycle, where we will work on our sensuality and sexuality for and with ourselves. I hope you enjoy the trip and if any fiber moves inside you write to me, because I am willing to accompany you.


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