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My Body is Mine

Is it that hard to understand?

I enjoy going out alone. I call it my dates with myself. Go for a walk, eat, theater, to the beach and of course to dance. I've done this since I started living alone when I was in college. It is my way of relaxing and enjoying a moment alone where I can make decisions according to how I feel about each situation and do what comes out of my ovaries without consulting it with anyone. On those dates with myself, something always happens to me that bothers me deeply, especially when I'm dancing. Generally, when I am enjoying dancing, I feel happy and relaxed. The male on duty appears, hugs me from behind, and speaks in my ear, buff! I usually asking him, "Do you see a sign that says touch me? Don't you? Then why are you touching me?"

"Just because a woman is alone doesn't mean she wants comany"

I am deeply outraged that men feel they have the right to touch my body for the simple fact of being alone. But of course, as they will not feel like that. In most films, series, and soap operas, the leading man on duty sees the OBJECT of his desire in the middle of the track. He approaches from behind, caresses his back, and says in the ear any foolishness. And she gives him a big smile. As if she had been waiting all her life for him to rescue her from her boring existence. Why is it so difficult to understand that my body is my territory, it is my temple, It is mine, and I am the one who decides who touches me, who kisses me, who caresses me, who hugs me. My body is not a territory of conquest. Please, if you want to know me, come face to face, look into my eyes and tell me Hello! I will decide if I want to talk to you or not. I will let you know with respect because I see you as an equal. Why is it so difficult to see me as your equal?

This is something that I cannot understand, and I will continue to claim, my body is mine.


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