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Party with stalkers

La fiesta es uno de los espacios donde los babosos aprovechan el descuido y el entorno de celebración para acosar. Amigo por favor respeta
twerkyourlife fiesta con babosos

On June 22, 2018, was the Booty Riots, a party organized by Kim Jordan, Maria Cabral, and Fede. Space where exuberance and voluptuousness are protagonists. Designed so that women and all the people who love to dance can dance freely without feeling harassed by no slimy.

That day I danced with one of the groups I gave Twerking classes during the first semester of 2018. We showed 3 of the choreographies created by Kim Jordan that we worked on. We saw a boy in a blue shirt who got too close with any respect. He took advantage of any carelessness to position himself in a place that any movement we made would touch him. Every time one woman told him something about it, he replied, But, I'm not doing anything, and he looked at her as she was crazy.

Maria noticed this and made the traditional manifesto to explained to all the people attending the party that this is a space of respect, free of slugs or stalkers. A place where women can move their booties freely without this being interpreted as an invitation.

Anyway, throughout the night, this guy was around. Every time he approached someone, and she noticed. She looked at him and walked away, making it clear that no. He would withdraw for a moment and reappear on the other side.

After our show, we started dancing with our friends. We were happy because we had great time dancing, enjoying the music, celebrating our bodies. Suddenly I see the same guy, stands right behind Vane, one of my students. He was looking at her booty and getting closer and closer to her so that at any moment, she could touch him without noticing. So I took his arm and said to him, "Hey, respect!" and I pulled him away from her. Vane turned around and barely noticed what had just happened.

All the time, we had to be vigilant as this guy got closer because he drank one drink after another.

Nos encanta salir de fiesta con nuestras amigas para celebrar y pasarlo bien. Por favor respeta estos espacios
La noche es nuestra - twerkyourlife

It is truly overwhelming to dedicate energy and time to be aware of this class of people who can't be classified otherwise that as subnormal, abusive, and daring. Often justifying themselves after the alcohol or drugs. Is it really so difficult to understand that most of the time, women just want to dance with their friends quietly and celebrate life for a while? It is exhausting having to go through life enduring stalkers.

So male friend, if you are reading this, please respect the space of the others, if we are interested we will let you know. The night is ours too!


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